Sat, Nov 17, 2018

About Us

Best Isı Cam Profilleri, whose products have been in the market since 2004, increased its market share and became one of the well-known spacer bar companies. With its experienced crew, effective service, modern tools and sense of discipline, Best Isı Cam Profilleri has always been preferred in the market. The main policy of the company is customer satisfaction. In order to achieve the customer satisfaction, Best Isı Cam Profilleri focuses on;

  • Planning the schedule of orders and production
  • Experience and disciplin e of employees
  • Applying KYS standards
  • Continuous quality assurance 

One of the most important criterias for Best Isı Cam is quality assurance. Not only there are no waves on the surface of the product, but also speacers are oil free and shiny. Best Isıcam speacer bars are being produced with the lowest tolerance allowed. There are various sizes of spacer bars differentiating from 5.5 mm up to 23.5 mm.